About Me

My Personal Healer’s Journey

Last Updated: 7 June 2020

This is a personal website documenting my own journey in using Prana Violet Healing (PVH) to help people who are in need of healing. I found out about this energy healing practice through a friend in 2016 and from then on, I had the good fortune of meeting the founder of PVH, Mr Siva and learning from him.

PVH is a form of spiritual healing where as healers, we tap into the divine energy as a healing force. I set up this website because many people want to learn to use this healing for themselves and their family. Teaching and guiding people to heal is not my full-time role; I run a web design business so healing is something I can only do in my spare time. So the best way to share this powerful gift with everyone is to set up a website to teach PVH practitioners how to start their own healing journeys and help others.

There are 2 ways to use PVH. You can incorporate PVH into your daily life and experience the benefits of becoming spiritual whole. Or if you have a desire to help others, you can advance further and learn how to sense.

Sensing is what makes PVH unique because by pinpointing or sensing the source of the pain or illness, you can get right to the problem area and heal it.

Once the source of pain is known, you can use the PVH practice to eliminate the root cause and the pain or problem will be gone forever. This sensing ability is not unique to me; it is available to all who practise PVH diligently and intend to use their ability to help others.

The website presents the stories of people I’ve helped and the lessons behind each one. I believe that if you don’t learn the lesson behind your pain, you will always be caught up in a repeating cycle of ill-health.

Nic first met Mr Siva (PVH founder). 17 July 2016
With PVH healing wand, one can sense and heal from anywhere.

Why Mudita?

While this website documents stories of people healed using PVH, this website is called Mudita Circle. It’s done intentionally as this is also not the official PVH website and we don’t want to mistaken as such. Whatever that we say or discuss in this website is based on our personal views and experiences as a healer.

I chose Mudita because in Sanskrit this word means joy or pleasure that comes from being truly delighted about other people’s well-being. We rejoice when others are successful or happy. In the case of healing others, we rejoice when others are finally pain-free and have succeeded in getting rid of their illnesses and problems.