Back Pain Due To Grandma’s Soul

Fenny has been suffering from severe back pain for 2 years and visited a number of Western doctors and Eastern medical practitioners.

Some of her friends say it’s due to her diet because Fenny is a vegetarian. They said that eating vegetables is too cooling for the body.

Other friends think it’s due to her stress as she is taking care of her special needs child (which is another story to be featured here in the future).

Fenny constantly went for massages and physiotherapy to loosen up her back muscles.

We knew each other before but we met again during a PVH workshop. I was asked to guide her to heal her special needs child and she ended up telling me about her back pain.

Fenny healed with PVH
Case Details

Name: Fenny
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Date: March 2019

Back pain from shoulder to hip. Always feel tired.

Medical Diagnosis:

Treatment History:
She has been seeking Western and Eastern medical treatments including massage and physiotherapy for the past 2 years but the pain still persists.



Sensing with PVH Healing Wand:

  • Fenny’s physical body is fine. There’s no bone or tendon issue causing her back pain. It was also not caused by her vegetarian diet. 
  • A female soul was detected in her house. This is her grandmother’s soul that was lingering in the house as she was worried about Fenny and whether she could take care of her family. Her grandmother’s soul was clinging onto Fenny’s back.


Healing Procedure:


Within a few days after offering the affirmations, the grandmother’s soul left. The back pain that bothered Fenny for the last 2 years is gone. The healing process only took a week and she didn’t take any medicine.



Sometimes a person has passed on but is still worried for the family, it can’t leave peacefully and will linger around the house. However the presence of this soul will cause sickness to the occupants of the house due to the high Yin energy.

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