Bee Hive In Carpark Lot

This happened in my own neighbourhood. A panicky neighbour told me that he saw a lot of bees and a bee hive at the ceiling of parking shed near his block.

Upon checking indeed there was a sizable bee hive at the place he mentioned.

I told the lot owner about the bee hive so that they wouldn’t disturb or poke the hive accidentally. They were concerned and asked me if I will call the authorities to remove the hive.

Case Details

Location: Penang, Malaysia
Date: 14 April 2019

A bee hive was spotted at the ceiling of a parking shed of an apartment.

Settled in 2 days with PVH.


Sensing with PVH Healing Wand:

  • No sensing needed.


Healing Procedure:


On the second night, the lot owner’s wife texted me again, asking if I’ve called the authorities. I said give the bees some time as they will be moving. She must have been quite bewildered at my statement.

When she went to work the next morning, the entire bee hive was gone. The bees did move their hive, bees and all during the night.



We are sharing the same mother earth with other animals so it is best to live harmoniously with them and try not to harm them.