Doctor Clueless About Baby’s Fever

Madam Loh’s baby grandson was admitted to a private hospital due to a high fever that lasted 5 days yet the doctor couldn’t do anything or find out what was wrong. Madam Loh was rightfully worried. Since she is a PVH practitioner already, it was easy to guide her to do the healing for her grandson.

Case Details

Name: Madam Loh
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Date: March 2019

Madam Loh’s baby grandson was admitted to a private hospital due to a high fever that wouldn’t subside. It had been 5 days already but the doctor couldn’t find out the cause of the fever nor help the baby.

Medical Diagnosis:
– Failure to diagnose.

Treatment History:
Doctor couldn’t find out the cause.



Sensing with PVH Healing Wand:

  • The baby was found to have a connection with nature beings because he had visited a place with a lot of trees. This connection emitted energy that is alien to the baby’s body system. The baby’s body system switched to defense mode and raising his temperature (creating a fever) to flush out the alien energy.
    (According to Madam Loh, her daughter had brought the baby to visit their new house which was in an area with a lot of trees)


Healing Procedure:

  • Read FA, SA & DF daily by the baby’s parents
  • Read Divine Fire for baby
  • Do Ida Pingala every 4 hours
  • Healing & conditioning chakra (spleen chakra)
  • Heal hypothalamus  gland


When I did remote sensing on Wednesday night, I told Madam Loh that her grandson was going to be discharged on Friday. When she visited her grandson in the hospital the next day (Thursday), his temperature was still high. She was skeptical that the baby would get well and be discharged the next day (Friday).

As predicted, on Friday morning, the baby took a turn for the better and the fever disappeared. The energy was flushed out by reciting Divine Fire. He became well enough to be discharged that Friday morning.



Babies and young children should not be taken to visit unfamiliar places especially at night because their bodies can’t handle the influx of new or strange energies.

As a PVH practitioner, do Aura Cleansing and Ida Pigala for your baby or child after you get back from visiting unfamiliar or crowded places.