Dog Survived Cobra Attack

Vaasugi’s dog was bitten by a cobra and she called her vet for help but was told they do not have any anti-venom for dogs. Then she alerted us in our PVH group to help her.

Case Details

Name: Brutus (Vaasugi’s dog)
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Date: May 2020

Dog bitten by a cobra.


The dog in a weak state after being bitten by the cobra
The cobra fang mark


Sensing with PVH Healing Wand:

  • No sensing needed.


Healing Procedure:

  • Neutralise the snake venom (see the healing command below)
  • Read DF & do Ida Pingala
  • Healing & conditioning chakra (solar plexus chakra, lower most chakra)
  • Heal physical organs (liver, spleen, lung, heart, kidney)

Healing command:
“Healing wand become as powerful as required to neutralise the snake venom in this dog” (and focus on the photo of the dog).


Our PVH group members read the Divine Fire for the dog and the owner did healing every hour for the first 8 hours. Then the owner continued to heal every 4 hours.

The dog survived cobra attack with PVH healing

The dog became active again after 8 hours later. It took another day for full recovery. He is back in great shape now and can even play tug-of-war with its owner.


When doing healing for animals, refer to its species e.g this dog/cat instead of its name to avoid emotional connection. If you have a group of friends doing the healing together, you can look at the animal’s photo when doing healing.


Snakes are attracted to the house either through
1) Not well-kept surroundings (e.g uncut grass, thick bushes, with rat infestation)
2) The house occupants have negative energy

Always take care of your physical & spiritual hygiene to prevent the snakes from coming back again.

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