Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about PVH through these questions and answers. All these answers are based on Nic’s personal experience.

Last Updated: 7 June 2020


Doctors CURE. They use drugs to suppress the pain. If the drugs do not work, they’ll surgically remove the problematic area or organs.

Healers HEAL. PVH healers empower the body to heal itself. Your body can dissolve any stone or growth, clear any artery blockages, balance hormones etc by itself. All your body needs for healing is prana/chi. In PVH, prana is supplied through the healing wand.

PVH’s strength is in allowing the PVH healer to sense and uncover the root cause of the issue. If the root cause is uncovered and removed, the symptom (pain) will disappear. If the root cause is spiritual (e.g. black magic, souls), your doctor will not be able to cure the pain. I encountered a case where a woman had a recurring slipped disc and even her husband who is a doctor was unable to help her. When I sensed her issue, I uncovered that she had a miscarriage and the baby’s soul was clutching her back causing her slipped disc pain. In cases like this, unless the soul leaves, doctors will not be able to do much.

PVH healers do not need to know the details of your symptom/condition no matter how rare or incurable it is. We just need to find the root cause and provide prana for your body to heal itself.

At this moment, I’ll check for people who practice PVH only. It’s hard to tell a non PVH practitioner the root cause of their issues. They may not accept it. Even if they accept it, they may not want to heal with PVH. If they want to heal with PVH, they may not have the wand. 

While we know PVH is very powerful and we want to help, my advice is always “Don’t jump in”. When a person has pain, he has many spiritual obstacles in his way. 

You can ask the person to read the PVH affirmations first and see if he is receptive. If the person doesn’t want to read the affirmations but is very close/dear to you, you may help by reading Divine Fire 9x twice daily for the person.

Yes, here are some of the examples (coming soon)

Healing Process

It’s normal. The negative energy is being expelled.

You can refer to the Healing & Conditioning Chakras page

PVH Affirmations

If you’re single, read:
1. Forgiving Yourself
2. Forgiving Family Members
3. Forgiving Your Ex (if any)

4. Divine Fire (9x)
5. I AM
6. I’m Light


If you’re married, read:
1. Forgiving Yourself
2. Forgiving Family Members
3. Forgiving Family-in-Laws
4. Forgiving Husband/Wife
5. Forgiving Your Ex (if any)

6. Divine Fire (9x)
7. I AM
8. I’m Light

1. Divine Fire refers to this line: “I’m a being of Divine Fire, I’m the purity God desires”. Repeat this line 9x.
2. When reading the affirmations, hold the affirmation higher so that the PVH logo is facing your forehead.
3. You can also read the digital version on your phone.

Read the FA & SA (minimum once a day) for 21 days. This is to build up your daily reading habit. After that continue with daily 10pm blessing and weekly moon blessing using the PVH calendar.

The affirmations are for your spiritual hygiene (to keep you healthy; free from physical and mental pain). If you want to be healthy for only 1 day, read them for 1 day. If you want to be healthy for a life time, read them daily.

The affirmations are for your soul. These are not the normal affirmation you use to motivate yourself. For the affirmations to work, it must be in the original wording, with PVH symbol and blessed by Mr Siva.

Yes, you can read the PVH affirmations and do healing anywhere.