Common PVH Healing Mistakes

PVH is a systematic healing approach. If you follow the steps and do the healing on time, you will see results quickly. But if you don’t see the desired results, you may want to check below for some of the common mistakes that prevent healing from taking place.

Last Updated: 7 June 2020

Not Reading Affirmations

You are not reading both the PVH Forgiveness Affirmations & Spiritual Affirmation (SA) correctly.


  • Read ONLY the original PVH affirmations that you get from attending the PVH workshops or download from the PVH website or Mudita Circle website only. Do not re-type or photocopy the affirmations as they will not work.
  • Hold and read the affirmations so that the PVH symbol is facing your forehead.
  • Read the affirmations daily.

Common Mistakes:

  • Not Reading The Forgiveness Affirmations (FA)
    Some say that they have great relationships with their family therefore there’s no need to read the Forgiveness Affirmation (FA).
  • Assume the PVH  Forgiveness Affirmations (FA) Are Similar To Their Own Religious Forgiveness Chanting or Mantra 
    Some say the Forgiveness Affirmations is similar to the ones they get from their religion/meditation etc. Since they are reading their own version of forgiveness chanting or mantra, they don’t need to read the PVH Forgiveness Affirmation.
  • Substitute Certain Words In The PVH Affirmations
    Some are uncomfortable with certain words or concepts found in the PVH Affirmations so they start to substitute the concepts with what they can accept. 
  • Not Holding The Affirmations Up When Reading
    Some place the affirmation flat on the table instead of holding the affirmations up.
  • Not Concentrating When Reading The Affirmations
    Some read the affirmations while watching TV or listening to music.

Not Healing Correctly

Not healing with the PVH healing wand correctly.


  • You must have the PVH healing wand in order to do the healing.
  • Best to have 3 – 4 healing sessions per day. Fix the healing time e.g 10am, 2pm, 6pm & 10pm. Set this as a reminder on your phone.
  • Use the correct healing command: “Healing wand, become as powerful as required to heal my  …”
  • Heal the root cause, not the symptoms/pain. You need to consult a healer to find out the root cause.
    E.g if you have eye pain, it could be a physical issue, cords or soul attachment. If you have cords and you just keep healing your eye chakra, the pain will not lessen.

Common Mistakes:

  • Not Doing Healing At All
    Some expect their pain to disappear immediately after just reading the affirmations. They assume reading the affirmations is the healing process. It is not. 
  • Not Holding The Healing Wand Correctly
    Some hold the healing wand in front of them (instead of to the side)
  • Not Making The Correct Circular Motion
    Some don’t even make the proper circular motions with their wands, either too big a circle or too small or not even a full circle shape.
  • Not Mindful When Making the Circles
    Some forget how many times they’ve done the circular motion. This happens because they are daydreaming and not focused.
  • Not Healing On Time
    Some people do healing as they wish without fixing a proper time. At times, they even forget to do the healing at all.
  • Not Using The Correct Healing Command
    Some simply make up their own healing command based on their liking instead of using the standard PVH healing command.
  • Not Participating During Moon Blessing
    Some have black magic or soul attachment issues but do not sit for the moon blessing using the PVH calendar. If you have soul or black magic issues, you must settle these issues first before doing your own healing.

Doubts About Healing

Due to doubts and a lack of faith, you try many other healing methods in addition to PVH healing hoping that at least one will work.


  • Have full faith and continue reading the affirmations while doing the healing 3 – 4 times daily on time. Stay focused when you are reading the affirmations or doing the healing.

Common Mistakes:

  • Involved In Too Many Healing Modalities At The Same Time
    Some want to get rid their pain fast so they will try everything and anything (medically & spiritually) and all at one time. This complicates the healing process.
  • Unrealistic Expectations
    Some expect that their problem or pain will disappear the day they do healing. If your issue is minor, the pain will go away. But if it is severe and longstanding, it will take time to heal especially if you haven’t found out the root cause.