Healing Principles

Healing is an ongoing process to keep the body healthy. That’s why the word “heal” is in the word “healthy”. We practice healing when we’re healthy, not when we’re sick.

Last Updated: 7 June 2020

PVH Healing Principle

Eastern health methodologies know about healing principles #1 and #2. However, not all patients recover well because their root causes or blockages are not identified and removed before the healing process begins. 

PVH’s uniqueness is its ability in identifying the root cause of any illness or health problem. The root causes could be lifestyle/diet, environment or spiritual (soul attachment, black magic etc).

Healing Principle #1

Your Body Can Heal Itself

Healing Principle #2

Prana (Chi) Is Needed For The Body’s Healing Process

Healing Principle #3

For The Prana To Stay & Heal, Blockages (Root Cause) Need To Be Identified & Removed First