Hemorrhaging Caused By Soul

Jackie texted me that her friend Helen (not her real name) was hospitalised due to an unstoppable nose bleed. The doctors did not have any idea why there was mucus and blood coming out from the nose. They could only use a cup to collect the blood.

I told Jackie this could be a serious case and asked her to get Helen’s family to be on standby to do the reading and healing if she wanted to be healed with PVH (before I did remote sensing to find out the root cause). Jackie said Helen’s family members were not around and Jackie herself was willing to do the hourly healing.

Case Details

Name: Helen (Not her real name)
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Date: March 2019

Unstoppable nose bleed. Admitted into hospital but doctors couldn’t find what the issue was. They blamed it on an old wound in the nose.
(Note: A regular nose bleed can be stopped even it’s a punch to the face as the blood will start to coagulate after a while.)

Medical Diagnosis:
– Failure to diagnose.

Treatment History:
Her doctor just placed a cup under her nose to collect the blood so that it wouldn’t drip all over. 



Sensing with PVH Healing Wand:

  • A male soul who turned out to be Helen’s friend who had passed away was attached to her.
  • Her body was weak.
    (Helen was bleeding from the nose and having her period at the same time.)
  • The wand couldn’t indicate a discharge date.
    (In such a case, it was likely that Helen was going to bleed to death in the hospital but I couldn’t say this to Jackie. If I revealed this, the outcome would be predetermined and as such, any effort to save Helen would be futile.)


Healing Procedure:

I told Jackie that she needed to bring the FA & SA to the hospital and lay them out as an offering to the soul so that the soul would leave Helen. Jackie replied that perhaps she could do this once Helen was discharged from the hospital. I knew Helen had very little chance of surviving. So I hinted to Jackie, “Please get it done quickly”. Jackie got the hint and understood how serious the case was. 

Jackie went to the hospital to lay out the affirmations on the table next to Helen. She then offered the affirmations to the male soul and also did Ida Pingala every hour. That very night the male soul left.


The next morning I used the healing wand to check and true enough, Helen’s body was strong and all her chakras were functioning again. I texted Jackie and said that Helen was out of danger and she would be able to be discharged that day.

Half an hour later, the doctor checked Helen and told her that she could be discharged that day.



Do not be too attached to a person. When the person dies (or when we die), it’s very hard to let go. When we don’t let go and move on, our souls will linger on this earth but lingering souls can cause health problems to those who are still living.