Asking For Forgiveness From Microbes (Bacteria)

Last Updated: 8 Sep 2020

Microbes are tiny forms of life e.g bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa that surround you. Some may have past life connection with you and are not pleased with what you’ve done to them previously. They are waiting for any opportunity to attack you again in this life. They get their opportunity when you’re stressed, depressed, worried or sad. That’s why most skin diseases erupt when you are feeling low.

Asking For Forgiveness From Microbes (Bacteria)

Place one hand over the affected area with the other hand holding the healing wand next to your body, outside of your shoulder. Say the following affirmation with loving kindness (not with hatred or a desire to be rid of it).

“To the microbes on my skin, please forgive me if I’ve knowingly or unknowingly hurt you in any way, in this life time or life times before this.” (5 times)

Next, using the Healing Wand do the 5 circles 5 pauses (3 sets). At the end, say “God thank you, thank you, thank you”.