Prana Violet Healing (PVH)

You can heal yourself with Prana Violet Healing (PVH),
a no medicine, no touch, energy healing therapy

This is not the PVH official website. This is a website set up by Nic Sim, a PVH practitioner in Penang, Malaysia to document the healing journeys of people he has assisted as well as to guide more people to learn and heal others with PVH.

Enjoy A Pain-Free & Fulfilling Life

It’s possible to be healed without medicine

This is a personal website documenting my own journey in using Prana Violet Healing (PVH) to help people who are in need of healing.

PVH is a form of spiritual healing where as healers, we tap into the divine energy as a healing force. I set up this website because many people want to learn to use this healing for themselves and their family.

The best way to share this powerful gift with everyone is to set up a website to teach PVH practitioners how to start their own healing journeys and help others. 

The website presents the stories of people I’ve helped and the lessons behind each one. I believe that if you don’t learn the lesson behind your pain, you will always be caught up in a repeating cycle of ill-health.

My long-suffering back pain is gone within a week after I healed myself with PVH based on Nic’s guidance. No medication needed at all.
Penang, Malaysia